Lawyer Marketing

Lawyer Marketing Online The Truth will Surprise You

Lawyer MarketingAre you a lawyer marketing your firm? How much does it cost to get clients online vs. tv advertising? The answer is interesting!

Some of my law firm friends practice personal injury law, and their lawyer marketing efforts have taken them into tv advertising very successfully to get clients and grow your practices. Some are seeing a drop off in TV because of all the changes in how we consume information.  It was not unheard of for some of my most prominent law firms to spend up to $250,000 on television advertising even in a month.

How Much Should You Spend to Get Results?

But how much should you be spending if you want to get clients online. Since this is a short video, I’m not going to talk about the very different approach you would use in your media! Let’s just pretend that your ads are perfectly geared toward TV or Online whichever your using.

Wharton Business Prof Tells Us to Use Facebook

According to Wharton Business School professor, Eric Bradlow Professor of Marketing Statistics and Education, TV ads last longer in the mind of the viewer than online advertising such as Facebook.

But facebook has so much more data, that you can begin predicting your ideal client’s patterns more so than other online advertising, and you can create a more controlled outcome.

Also according to my professor … TV ads have higher long term effects. Ads seen online are forgotten more quickly.

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