Do you have a video marketing strategy?

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What is Your Video Marketing Strategy?

1Today I’m sharing 3 kinds of video marketing strategies that work to get clients – for your next video production.

Law firms that get cases with video have a marketing strategy in place before they even start thinking about booking the video professionals. Today I’m sharing 3 kinds of marketing strategies you might want to use for your video production.

Having a plan for marketing your videos is very important. A video without any video marketing strategy doesn’t have much of a chance of having you grow your business.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to Start with a Video Marketing Strategy

Paid Media:

  • Are you planning to pay for your video to get seen?

Owned Media:

  • Are you planning to have your video only play on your website?

Earned Media:

  • Are you planning to get natural search results which is called Earned media, this would mean your video earns respect from viewers and climbs the ranks naturally.

Video Marketing Strategies that Work

Once you determine which way you’re going with your video you can write the scripts and plan accordingly. Always begin with the end in mind or your shoehorning a TV ad into an online Earned media format or wondering why your video doesn’t do much because it’s just sitting on your website and not working other ways.

I’ve seen many law firm videos that were the wrong production, in other words putting a TV ad on YouTube and hoping to get clients is not a marketing strategy that works. Putting a plan in place before you even crack open a camera bag is crucial so that your videos are successful!

Producing video with a plan is the best way to be sure you have the format that works!  I hope this has been helpful and I’ll see you in the next video.

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