Video Production

Preproduction, Production and Post Production Services, videos that reach your intended audience:

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  • “Exclusive” You On Camera

  • “Custom” PIVideo2Go – Our Professionals on Camera

  • In-House Video Marketing Consulting and Studio Building

  • Video Production

  • Video Post Production including Motion Graphics, Animation and Editing

  • Video Direction

  • Script Writing

  • Voice Over

  • Original Music Sound Tracks

  • Color Correction

  • Actors/Legal Professionals On Film

  • Remote Help on Shoots

  • Video Search Engine Optimization

  • Video Training (Learn it all)

  • Studio Rental

Video Marketing

With 149 million watching online video, be sure your online videos get seen by your audience:

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Website Development

We craft beautiful websites that will carry your message directly to your intended audience:

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Online Learning

Need internal teaching programs? We teach marketing as well as create systems for your company’s growth.

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  • Learning Center Websites

  • Video Learning/Teaching

  • Cloud Based Systems for Scaling Your Company

  • Learn in-house marketing

  • Learn in-house video studio set up

  • Learn Plugins

  • Learn Themes

  • Learn Video Production

  • Learn Video Post Production

  • Learn Scripting and Development

  • Learn to Pitch a Show

  • Learn Website Development

  • Learn Design

  • Learn to use video cameras

  • Understand How to Be On Camera

  • Understand Studio Lighting

  • Understand Studio Sound

  • Learning Field Sound

  • Learning Field Lighting

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With over 1,600+ (and counting) videos produced for lawyers across the USA, we love working with our attorney friends. We’ve built studios across the USA for law firms and taught them how to create amazing video in-house.

We attend the biggest legal marketing seminars as well as our CEO being a regular public speaker who teaches law firms about the latest ideas and trends in video production, website development and search engine optimization.

We’ve worked with companies that sell services & products!

Over the years we have built online marketing programs in financial service sectors, online banking, international wire transfer, engineering, architecture, real estate, real estate finance, diamonds, and more!

We built 100s of video studios and taught in house marketing including blogging, video production, website development, design, post production and search engine optimization to law firms and other companies including other marketing companies to help them grow!

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  • Our former and current clients love us (ask for references)
  • The latest technologies and ideas used by our creative teams
  • A proven track record for successfully growing companies
  • A deep understanding of what we do
  • A money back guarantee