Practice Area Research & Data for your Niche

Most of our clients are law firms, but even if you’re in some other niche, you probably agree that what you do is very specific. We call this your “niche” in marketing. Working with professionals who understands what you do is crucial.

Here is where it’s important that your marketing department (or individual) knows your niche:

  • Development of any media
  • All writing

First you’ll want to open up any tool available on the platform which you’ll be marketing. If you plan to use Facebook, then do some data research around your niche in Facebook. It’s not enough to be a lawyer, you need to see how many are searching on your specific practice area!

Why does it matter if your niche is understood?

If you begin working on anything related to your business in hopes to get new clients, you’ll want everyone to know the frame of mind the person is in who is looking for you.

You’ll also want to know where best to find potential clients, whether “identity branding” your firm is best, or finding clients through granular data. If the person you hire is unaware of your niche, they will need significant start-up time.

What happens if someone works for you and doesn’t understand your law practice?

With video production, I have seen video editors making crazy fast wild looking edits, looking to “spice up” a boring educational legal marketing video! Why is that bad? Your potential client probably doesn’t need your video to be “spiced up”!

This happens because video editor doesn’t understand your niche. If you are a lawyer who for example, and you are looking for trucking accident cases, and you have an educational video presentation on YouTube, and your video editor adds lots of fast edits and colors to your video, because she thinks your video is “boring”… then your video editor not only doesn’t understand your ideal client, but she is NOT your ideal client!

At the very least, she should understand your niche.

TIP: Educational videos need to be slower paced so the person understands what you’re teaching them! Often with law firm videos, the potential client has no idea what she’s up against and needs a lot of help getting past the bad rap lawyers have gotten so that they can get the justice they deserve.

Imagining How to do Niche Focussed Marketing with Pop Overs

Imagine you want to learn to cook a pop-over, those yummy buttery fluffy morning cupcake type of pastry that is fulled with light and air! Why would you need the recipe video to move faster? Why would you need to have crazy colors or fast edits? Even that video needs to move at a comfortable pace for the person learning how to bake a pop-over.

The same is true with your marketing copy, your videos… pretty much anything you create, you want those working for you to understand the state of mind of your potential client, and work out from that point of reference in order to understand more about how you can help that person.

Working with people who understand what you do is crucial! You should trust your team!

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