Legal Marketing Research & Data

Today’s data helps you know more before you spend on your specific practice area. Even today with all the available free data resources, I have seen law firms spend large amounts of money on TV advertising a niche practice area without any prior research. This is not to say it didn’t work! It was just taking an enormous chance.

Research Before You Begin a Practice Area Campaign

Before you begin any legal marketing, look at the various keyword tools (Google Keyword Planner), setup faux campaigns in YouTube and Facebook, and then even if you’re going for a TV advertising campaign, you’ll know the numbers of people searching on your practice area. For instance if there are only 10 people searching monthly in your area, paying for a full blown video production and then media buying in your area could be a mistake.

Go for the Granular Data after You Decide to Move Ahead

There are often better ways for finding clients with more granular data. Once you have campaigns running, you can literally remarket to those who have visited your website, and create lists of more interested potential clients with marketing automation and machine learning! It’s fun!

Analyze Everything in Realtime

Once you have your campaigns going, analyze carefully! Getting the feeling there’s a ‘bump up’ in call volume is not the same thing! Trust me you’ll find surprising answers in your data almost every time when you take a close look. Do not rush on this!

Working with all this data does mean working with a real data expert who can go in on your behalf and strategize before you spend big money on advertising! You should trust your marketing director! We love our clients. If you need help we always love giving you a free 1/2 hour phone consultation to hear all about what cases you want most. Reach out anytime! We love legal marketing.


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