Email Marketing for Lawyers 101

There are so many ways to market your law firm and also keep in touch with your current clients.  One of the most powerful methods is actually still email marketing.  Email marketing is very helpful because of its many ways of staying in touch with clients, and informing new subscribers of what you have to offer, which can lead to referrals and new cases.

Using email automation can help do work that you may want to only do one time. Such as creating a FREE REPORT educating potential clients about how best to proceed. You can then have them sign up on your website or a Facebook ad campaign.

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Email Marketing for Lawyers: Lists

email marketing There are lots of free email services to choose from.  We use Mail Chimp because it is free up to a certain number of emails addresses, and it schedules, triggers, and uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as options for your business.  You can also set up different “lists” with certain email addresses so the emails can be organized.  For example, if someone signs up for your weekly newsletter, the newsletter will be sent to that email account and every seven days (or how ever often you prefer)..  The email address will be added to that “list”.

As attorneys, you can’t contact people first, but you can (check with your bar association) call them after they’ve signed up and given you their contact information. Most of our firms would rather not call them unless they specifically ask for a call back.

Email Marketing for Lawyers: RSS

Having an email service that uses RSS is very helpful.  What this means is that your email service is connected to your website so that when you are publishing your blog articles, a new video, etc… new content gets sent out directly to your email subscribers.  This keeps all your email subscribers (or a particular “list”) up to date on a regular basis without relying on them to go to your website on their own and look. This is very useful as an email newsletter as well as for on-page search optimization.

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