Facebook Marketing For Lawyers – Business Page

Facebook marketing for lawyersIf you haven’t gotten a Facebook business page set up, then now is the time to do so.  It is free and a great place to connect with your clients, and other people that know you and can refer new clients to you. Facebook marketing for lawyers uses a more personal approach on the business page.  Instead of only posting marketing ads, you can also add some personal notes to show that there are real people behind those posts.

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Facebook Marketing for Lawyers – Posting on the Business Page

When posting on your Facebook business page, the only people who will see it are the ones who have “liked” your page and also competitors and potential clients  who are viewing your page. You want to make sure that your posts are not just all marketing ads to your company, but also posts that share accomplishments within your firm, or an incredible win that you’d like to share.

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers – Referrals

Facebook marketing for lawyers is a great place to get referrals.  Your posts will remind your fellow Facebook followers and competitors that you are still around and doing strong, even just by posting a holiday greeting.  Make sure to talk about the particular cases you handle in posts so that the followers on your page can be reminded to refer your law firm to other people they know.

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