Facebook Marketing for Lawyers: Ad Targeting

Today, you can put an ad up on facebook to market your business for a relatively low cost.  It will show up on other people’s newsfeeds as they are scrolling through.

Facebook marketing for lawyers is a great way to interact with social media users.  Here are some pros and cons for using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers: The Pros

facebook marketing for lawyersWhen you are creating an ad on facebook, you are given the option to target your desired audience.  This means that when using facebook marketing for lawyers, you can target where you practice law, as well as target the “interest” of your law practice.  This means, if you are practicing personal injury law in Austin, Texas for example, those people in Austin who are showing “interest” on facebook with that particular practice area, they will be targeted and shown your ad on their facebook news feed.    You can put more than one interest which will broaden your audience.

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers: The Cons

The biggest minus about using facebook ads, is that the facebook support is practically nonexistent, and the platform is confusing at first.  The ads are not initially reviewed and approved by actual humans, and can often get disapproved for reasons that don’t make sense.  The process for getting these ads approved can take several tries, and takes up more time than anticipated.  However, when using the right content, (such as video with an educational message), once these ads are approved watch your phones start ringing or your message box fill up.

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