My uncle Bob – expert witness, who works with those……. *insert Darth Vader voice: defense lawyers* – on the other side, says he:

“… counts on Plaintiff’s Lawyers being small and disorganized.” 

How do you organize your office & cases? Do you use an outdated system? Do you use Outlook Calendar and notes internally? How will you ever work remotely if your Case Management Software isn’t cloud based? Maybe you think it’s going to be hard to change to a new system. But there’s never been a better time for so many reasons.

YES – Case Management Software has been a huge discussion at the conferences. It must seem overwhelming at this point. But like website developers, Case Management Software is not a one trick pony – there are lots of companies and prices.

In the video, I’m outlining a different “price” –  the price you may be paying by missing the boat or going with a recurring payment to a faceless entity.


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Get a demo. This should only take about 1/2 hour. Here’s what you’re looking for:

  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Is it mobile – in the cloud etc.? (You can work from anywhere)
  • Does it include intake? (Marketing can track cases in real time)
  • Are they well supported? (Do you like the demo? That’s the tone of your support too!)
  • Are they growing with you? (Ask for a change to the software during the demo and see how they respond)
  • Will they quickly customize it for your practice? (Do you have to customize it yourself?)
  • How do they teach new users? (Moving your firm to an organized cloud system will require some support)

The bottom line is *insert Darth Vader voice again: This is a Software People!* It should meet that basic criteria.

Love the People Behind Your Case Management Software

Here’s another way to think about case management software: *Insert 1950s explainer music and voice over*:

Online case management systems are software, just like your website. You want to trust and like working with your webmaster (– like me!), and you want your case management system to be developed, hosted and supported by someone you like to work with. After all, you’ll be working with your case management software every day, it should be easy to get help, you should enjoy the company supporting you. They should speak English (if you do) and be readily available with a good “tude”.

Your online case management software should be your partners in most ways, not just … (*one more time with the Darth Vader voice): a recurring payment to a faceless entity.

Intake for Marketing & Case Management Software

Yes I have a motive (doh) – We’ve been in development ($8,000,000 of San Francisco Bay Area Full-Geek development moolah) on our own GoLegal case management software.

We are small! (there I said it) — We love our clients, and only work with firms we enjoy. I share my passion and life with my clients, we’re friends.

For a SUPER limited time (because we are small and like our existing client base)… the next 7 firms to respond to me, get a free 3 month trial. Just bail out if you don’t like it.

We think you’ll love it and we will help you to stay engaged. Move from your old fashioned in-house system, get organized and working in the cloud and with people you like and trust.

(415) 302-6991 Text me to schedule a demo or fill out the contact form on this website. (that’s my cell phone if I’m shooting footage with another law firm I’ll call you back)

We want to help you pull it together (if you haven’t already) – no more Darth Vader voice….

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