Facebook Video Ads For Lawyers

Lawyer Facebook Video Advertising [Episode 1255]

Have you thought about Facebook Video Ads to reach your potential clients?

Facebook Video Ads for Lawyers: So Complex Your Head Might Explode

In this video I’m talking with Ned Clarke who has worked on these lawyer videos with me for over 10 years. Ned gives you some ideas about how to be on camera and we banter about what kinds of scripts convert your viewers into clients.

What Will You Learn About Facebook Video Ads for Lawyers?

In this not-so-short video we’re sharing with you some:

  • On Camera Tips
  • Content Tips
  • Facebook Ad Tips … and More

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When we got to the part about my tips for running your Facebook Video Ad Campaigns, Ned Clarke’s brain started to explode. I’ve seen this a few times as public speaker too. I apologize!

Running a full Facebook Video Ad Campaign for your law firm is not easy and it takes a lot of time, talent and effort as well as some intake and tracking.

Learn How to Build Your Own Facebook Video Ad Campaigns

We produced a more in depth series that you can sign up for that’s free right here on the website! Click on the big button below:

Free How to Setup and Run Facebook Video Ads (Tutorial Series)

Facebook Video Ads Lawyers

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