Facebook Video Ads for Lawyers (And Other Smart Businesses)

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HEY! It’s been a while since I filmed you a video blog (but I have over 1000 of these in my Vimeo & YouTube if you miss us). We’ve been “crazy-busy” working mainly with our USA & Canadian lawyer friends, but also a handful of other amazingly creative companies here in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco. It’s been an honor being a part of your success!

Are You a Lawyer wanting to use Facebook Video Ads to meet Clients?

Well we’ve been deep into Facebook Video Ads for Lawyers over here in California at Go Media Marketing.

Q: What’s the difference between having a social media person on staff and paying Facebook some of the money? Most of the companies I work with have a social media person who does regular posting and gets paid to get “likes” for your page. Then those who like your page see your posts. The only problem is that those who like your page are generally past clients and/or your friends and family. They’re usually not someone desperate for your services or they would not bother liking your Facebook page, rather they would have called you! To be fair, those are usually good for some referrals.

Paying Facebook Means Getting Their Algorithms

Getting Facebook to open up their amazing (and possibly sneaky) algorithms, means paying them some of that budget! Companies like mine are still working how you’ll pay them some $$ and some $$ for us, because it’s quite a bit of work to get setup and track. So far we don’t have a cookie cutter way of doing this, but it’s working out one client at a time.

That being said… once you do have it setup, it’s been a high rate of return on your investments. You probably could learn how to create your own Facebook Video Ad campaign yourself but why would you? You’d rather be in your own business if you’re successful at it!

How Successful is Facebook Video Ads for Lawyers?

We recently had 10 really qualified leads for $200. That seems pretty red-hot right now! We did a video tutorial series that we’re tweaking right now and will be releasing soon that will walk you right past our pit-falls.

Enjoy this video, and of course if you have any questions or comments get on it now. We may or may not have time for you but we always want to talk (if we’re not filming someone).

Thank you so much for you time! I love working with you, and knowing you enjoy these little tid bits now and then – (Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already if you want to know when I post – I don’t email all my videos out).

Happy Marketing!

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