Video Production Samples

We Research, Strategize, Design & Produce Media, Launch, Analyze and Repeat.


TV Commercials – Long Term Disability Denial

Television Commercial – “Don’t go up against an insurance company alone.”

Practice Area: Long Term Disability Insurance Denial

With Mike, we usually film three genres of spots in Sausalito. “Warm fuzzy”, “light hearted” and “community based”. This was light hearted!

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In-House Trainings – Brain Trial Injury Lawyers

In-House Training “Brain Injury Trial Lawyers, What the Jury Doesn’t Know.”

We’ve taught 281+ companies to take their marketing in-house. This includes building studios and teaching video marketing.

This was filmed in Mr. Seegmiller’s office while in the process of building his studio it is an online video series. Read Nicholas Rowley’s 2019 book
Running with the Bulls” about his tactics for winning cases.

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Opinion Documentaries – Medical Malpractice

Opinion Documentary “Protecting Access to Care Act 2017  -Profits Over People” Melissa Scartelli

We’ve filmed and produced documentaries on many subjects mostly related to the law.

This was filmed to help inspire votes in 2017 with Melissa Scartelli, award winning Pennsylvania malpractice lawyer.

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Online Videos Q&A Get Cases

Online Videos “Q&A with Mike” 

We’ve filmed and produced many thousands of online videos on many subjects related to the law.

This was filmed in Louisville Kentucky where we came to Mike to film the Aerial footage and driving footage. You can come to us or we can come to you.

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Actors In Your Videos 

Video2Go – Great for TV & Online Videos

When you’re too busy – or don’t want to BE the brand this is the way to go.

Videos get cases and if there’s a reason you are not going to be on camera this time, you can always use some of our team on camera. With lawyer marketing, non actor talent can also be very strong in these videos. (Ned Clarke who you see here is an actor and has worked on shoots and marketing with us for over a decade)

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Explainer Videos 

Online Videos “Explainer” 

We’ve filmed and produced many thousands of online videos including explainer videos for other firms in the legal sector.

This was created for a wonderful company Lawfty who we’ve worked with for years.

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FAQ – Video Production with GoMedia Marketing 

We own our studio and can take as long as you need to feel we got your best “take”. We usually like you here for 2 to 3 full days of shooting to get as much footage as possible to use for an extended period of time in your marketing efforts.


Our favorite places to stay are often very popular, so we like to plan on getting you booked as early as possible. Sausalito is a very popular destination we have over 300,000 tourists, often on bicycles, each year because we’re a short hop from San Francisco. Sausalito can sometimes feel like Europe. We love Inn Above the Tide for those who want a really high end experience. And Casa Madrona for a unique boutique hotel experience. Food, shops and entertainment is in walking distance. If you love the outdoors this is the place to be.

All of those hotels are very close into town and you wouldn’t need a car because we’d pick you up. Cavallo Point is beautiful, serene and relaxing! It has a wonderful spa and amazing outdoor spaces, but you’d miss the experience of being right in Sausalito, as it’s about a mile out of town right under the Golden Gate Bridge!

If you want a less expensive alternative that is still really nice, we have a Holiday Inn Express that offers (last we checked) free bikes to ride, and an outdoor fire pit. It’s on the water and you could literally ride to the video studio. (except we want you looking more polished so please don’t!)


Coming to film with you is always an honor. Working with us means we’ll put getting new clients FIRST! We’ve built video studios in (somewhere around) 50+ law firms! That’s a lot of filming in law firms. We love coming to you. If we’re building a studio there are some things you should know so please reach out so we can give you the pros and cons! We feel you’d be more relaxed and get better video from you, if you come to us in Sausalito.

When we come to you, we usually have you book the hotel for the director & assistant (who can usually share the room). You get us the airline tickets. And we bring all the gear which is a little extra cost for a gear trunk. Even if we’re building you a small studio and training your staff, it usually takes about 3 to 4 days to get all the footage and get you rolling with in-house video.


Video can cost nothing if you do it on your cell phone – all the way up to major productions by film studios that cost in the millions and have a team of hundreds working to create the masterpiece.

At GoMedia Marketing, we’ve shot thousands of marketing videos at pretty much every production level and budget. The most important thing you should know, is that we will focus (pun intended) on getting you clients above all else.


VIDEO TIPS: Really think about who your audience is, do you want new clients or referrals? Also what platform will your videos be on? TV is a very different message than online video, and each online platform will need a different message as well.

When you first come to us about video production, we’ll want to find out your goals for new clients, We’ll want to know how many new clients you can handle and how you handle intake Reach out today…