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Website Development: Everything You Need to Know

Dear Business Owner,

You probably have a website, but does it get you new clients? Does your website show up in a “related search” (not your name) something they’d put into a search where they don’t yet know you? Do you have Google Analytics installed so you can see your results and tweak the elements for the highest rate of return?

A fast loading engaging website at the top of a related search, can be worth lots to you and your potential clients.

What message is your website conveying now?

There are a few kinds of content, educational, identity branding and referral content (for those who know you and may send along a client) Today (this is written in 2019) a website needs to educate potential clients on the home page, on your personal page it should talk about your accomplishments which is identity branding, and having a separate referral page for those who might refer a client to you so they’ll know what to expect.

Does Design Matter?

USER EXPERIENCES: Yes, if you want your visitors to convert to clients, you need easy to read, well written “marketing copy” and an understanding about size, placement and colors or all elements. An easy “user interface” is also crucial. We use WordPress because it gets the best search results out of all platforms.

Why Have WebMaster Support?

REGULAR UPDATES: Think how often your phone and/or computer needs updates? Updates effect anything online. When your operating system, device or browser updates, usually your website and all it’s components will need updating too. Also, spam can overrun your forms and malware can wreck SEO. Your framework needs regular maintenance.

webmaster support

What are Organic or Paid Search Results?


Organic results are the websites that do not pay money to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other browser, to stay on top. They get there because of their great content that is shared and optimized. Organic wins over Paid 94% of the time in searches.

search icon

When there’s high competition, it takes a lot of time, talent and effort to hit the top.


Pay per click is when you are paying to keep your ad, website or other media at the top of a search on one of the browsers like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

How To Get Top “Organic” Search Results

Ensure your website is listed everywhere that pertains to business. The lists will vary depending on your business. 

Start with Google My Business, Bing & Yahoo to start. *Below is a list of where you can list for free. Make sure it pertains to your company: Amazing list of free places to list your site: Click Here

(Keyword Research) Determine the keywords you need to use to get to the top. Also check out the competition’s marketing strategy to see if you have a chance of beating them for top results.
  • Page Title under 70 Characters
  • Meta Description under 155 characters
  • H1 and H2 Titles (Break up the content by describing it – easy to read)
  • Alt Text (every image needs a title)
  • Keywords in content at least once bold
Companies that implement a blog strategy get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those who don’t.

Each Article Will meet These Standards:

  • The copy scores over 62.5 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered fairly easy to read.
  • Good SEO score – The images on this page contain alt tags with the focus keyword.
  • Good SEO score – The text contains 368 – 400 words, 300 word recommended minimum.
  • Good SEO score – The keyword density is 1.1%, which is great; the focus keyword was found 4 times.
  • Good SEO score – In the specified meta description, consider: We will check how it compares to the competition.
  • Good SEO score – This page will have at least 1 outbound link(s).
  • Good SEO score – The page title will contain the focus keyword, at the beginning which is considered to improve rankings.
  • Good SEO score – The page title will fall in the range of recommended 70 character maximum.
  • Good SEO score – The focus keyword will appear in the first paragraph of the copy.
  • Good SEO score – The focus keyword will appear in 1 (out of 6) subheadings in the copy. While not a major ranking factor, this is beneficial.
  • Good SEO score – You will have fresh keywords which is very good.
  • Good SEO score – The meta description will contain the focus keyword.
Make sure your company has a nice clean social media presence. YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are kind of the standards, if your company can get more out of social then go further. And post regularly engaging your prospects.
Now we need “inbound” links. Inbound links are when another website links to your content showing Google you are an authority in your field.

Hint: Less is more! Go after local press or other websites where you can blog to get good links. High quality links are more important than quantity.

Without good metrics you’re working with a blindfold on! You need to know how your website is performing and tweak all your marketing strategies to ensure you’re continuing to reach your goals.

Successful Company Website Overview

GMM iconThe design should look like the future of your business. Every on-page element is engineered for success. Your potential client should find their way around easily. Every element should have the best odds of engagement.

VIDEO TIP: Adding video gives you better search results, the longer they stay on your pages, the better ranking you get.

wordpress icojWordPress is the #1 Website Platform for Search

If you want to be found on Google, Bing or Yahoo (or any other search engine), you must have a WordPress website. WordPress is a software that we build websites on and the best for getting indexed on the searches. NASA, CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, IZOD, Best Buy, GM, eBay, (and even Jay Z’s are all built on WordPress.

 VIDEO TIP: Adding video to your site gives you a competitive edge.

content-iconRelevant, interesting and optimized content for search:  Make sure your website content is well researched before you start writing. We’re sometimes surprised at what questions they want answered about your business.

VIDEO TIP: We’re known for building video studios in-house and teaching you how to produce your own video content as well.

search iconShow up on the top of your related searches. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are often various ways to “trick” the system – this is not recommended. Eventually Google will shut it down! Work with real experts who work to get you the best links to your site, and write you the best marketing copy for SEO.

VIDEO TIP: Did you that video helps your website get better SEO and drives traffic to your website?

social iconSocial Media is crucial. Keeping up with social media may not be what you would like to focus on, and can seem like a daunting task! Using social media, both paid and free is crucial for any company that wants to grow right now. Each platform will need a slightly different message depending on what kind of clients you want.

VIDEO TIP: Video campaigns on social media are extremely useful for getting new clients!

FAQ – Websites with GoMedia Marketing 

Whether rebranding or starting over, we normally see it taking between 3 weeks and 2 months.


Once we have our initial meetings and have the elements we need you go back to work until you see your new website.


We build WordPress websites because they are the best platform to get indexed by Google.


Yes! We always make sure that you understand the basics for getting around your own website. We stand for complete authenticity and empowerment for you.


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What Our Clients Say

I met Mary Cary of Go Media Marketing when she was speaking at a Conference. She said YouTube was the second biggest search engine in the world. I wasn’t utilizing the second biggest search engine in the world. We filmed hundreds of videos and Mary build our website when we had 2 employees and now we have over 120 employees! Thank you!

Neil Woods, Woods & Woods

Go Media Marketing has top class support, Ned helped me understand how using video matters. Once we grew bigger we had Go Media Marketing do our videos – & blog for us. Thank you! Highly recommended!

Dan Friedman, Friedman Law Office

I have had Go Media Marketing film engineering firms all over the United States for us all around the area of STEM Careers. We also have them build our websites and marketing strategies. We’re very happy with their kindness and help.

Cindy, Capstone Technologies

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