In this video I’m sharing how your wordpress website is an amazing publishing platform and how one person can become your social media, your SEO person and blogger with a plugin that works with your WordPress website.


I know a lot of companies that have a social media person posting on their various platforms, they have bloggers, webmasters and even an SEO company working to get search engine optimized web pages. All of this could be one person. It feels awful to be in the dark about all this! I completely understand.

How important social media and blogging as a marketing strategy?

It is absolutely crucial to blog and post on social media. Why? Because a static website that is more or less a place holder will not attain great search results. Google and the other search engines are looking for an informational site that is current and relevant to the searches. If your site doesn’t have fresh content you can bet it will eventually fall off the searches except possibly under your name.

How can you pair down all these people into one?

WordPress is a marketing strategy! WordPress is constantly evolving. In a nutshell WordPress is a software that you can build a website on that gets the best possible search results (because it separates text from images), it is easy to automate your posting. In other words you can write your articles and have them go out once a week.


More importantly, and pertaining to this post, if you add a plugin by Jetpack (you can ask your webmaster but it should take well under an hour), then the person who writes your marketing blog articles will automatically be posting when the “Publicize” portion of the plugin is turned on, and has your social media links cut and pasted in the fields.

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Video Marketing Fun Stats:

26% more likely to contact you when you have video on your post

65% of viewers watch more than 3/4 of your video

74% of of all internet traffic will be video in 2017

100% – whether B2B or B2C voted video most effective social media marketing strategy

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