Have you heard of Re-Marketing? Today I’m talking about having your videos follow your prospects around after they visit your website!

Have you heard of Re-Marketing? (sounds like “jargon”) Your Videos Follow your Prospects Around!

Your videos actually show up in other websites after your visitor leaves your site! Here’s how it works….


How Does Re-Marketing Help When They’re Leaving My Site? 

Re-marketing is a term used by marketing experts.

But what it really means is that the prospect visits your website and then leaves.

Maybe they’re thinking they will get back to it later, maybe they’re researching the competition. Either way, re-marketing is an easy way to stay in touch with them.

How do I Re-Market Our Videos?

website-design-gold-coast3Your Videos Play on Other Websites 

In a nutshell your Video Marketing department posts a series of videos that will play on websites where they go next.

You’ve probably seen that happen with banner ads but it also works with video.


What if your videos were literally following them giving them great ideas?

What Style of Videos Do We Need?

Here’s a great idea for your law firm:
Film a short series of very targeted videos about how to choose a qualified attorney – what it costs and what they should look for.

When they see your video showing up in what’s called the Google Display Ad Network of websites – like youtube, news websites, google searches etc, they’ll get your helpful message.

Some Other Ways to Think About Re-Targeting of Re-Marketing Your Videos


How Can You Get it Started? – Google Adwords is How!

youtubeYour Google Re-Marketing Video Must Be On YouTube

This is relatively inexpensive if you do it yourself. You do it through Google Adwords, Your video must be on YouTube and you ad a piece of code onto your website that builds a list of your visitors. You can program it to go for 30 days or as long as you like!

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